TTS unveils groundbreaking robotics programming journey for early years to Age 12+


TTS proudly announces the launch of the ‘TTS Programming Journey’: the only robotics range to develop computational thinking and programming skills from Early Years to age 12 and beyond.

The robots, developed by TTS, offer a wide range of technological applications, from using simple technology to programmed movement, through to more advanced functionality such as utilising sensors and machine learning. As children move through the journey, the robots progressively add new features for children to explore and build upon their skills.

The cross-curricular application helps children to embed, apply, and refine their programming skills into all areas of the curriculum. A differentiated approach to robotic resources allows teachers and practitioners to meet the learning needs of their students in every classroom.

Learners as young as 10 months can begin using the Glow and Go Bot to lay firm technological foundations through action, reaction, and pattern recognition. Children can then progress to algorithmic thinking and debugging skills with globally recognised Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot, and Rugged Robot. The newest additions, Loti-Bot and Oti-Bot are suitable for older children and allow learners to develop a deeper understanding using iteration, branching, and machine learning

TTS are passionate about innovation and empowering learners with the skills necessary for success in the digital age. Teachers, educators, and practitioners can explore the TTS Programming Journey at

Jed Brown, Lead Product Designer said, “All of our robots have been designed to be sequential, so that the student and the teacher can progress from one robot to the other.”

Monique Louis, Managing Director said, “I am thrilled to introduce the TTS Programming Journey, a culmination of years of innovation and design. At TTS, we firmly believe that preparing our children for the future means equipping them with the digital skills that will drive success in the years to come. The TTS Programming Journey embodies this by offering a comprehensive and engaging path for young minds to develop not only programming skills but also critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.”

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