UK and India Forge New Partnership to Power Video Game Innovation

selective focus of diplomat gesturing near flag of india and ambassador of united kingdom
selective focus of diplomat gesturing near flag of india and ambassador of united kingdom

Historic Agreement Signed at Vibrant Gujarat Summit

Two leading educational institutions, Abertay University and École Intuit Lab, have made a historic move at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in India. The agreement, signed on 10 January, pledges to enhance collaboration in research and development (R&D) and innovation in the video game sectors of Dundee and Mumbai. This includes the creation of joint degree programmes, opportunities for student exchanges, and cultural collaboration.

Memorandum of Understanding Seals the Deal

Naman Merchant from Abertay’s School of Design and Informatics and Yan Garin, country head & director at École Intuit Lab, Mumbai, inked the Memorandum of Understanding. This took place at an event during Vibrant Gujarat, an international platform for business and strategic partnerships, inaugurated by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Abertay and École Intuit Lab: A Commitment to International Collaboration

Professor Liz Bacon, principal and vice-chancellor at Abertay University, highlighted the importance of international collaboration and is looking forward to the mutual benefits that will arise from the partnership. Both institutions aim to foster mentorship and work experiences for students, and pursue collaborative research to address challenges within the video game industry.

Dundee: A Global Gaming Hub

Abertay University, located in Dundee, is at the heart of a city known for its vibrant video game industry, including the creation of the Grand Theft Auto series and Minecraft console editions. The Dundee games cluster boasts a high concentration of developers and studios, benefiting from the talent produced by Abertay’s world-renowned game degrees.

Economic Impact and Job Creation

A report from BiGGAR Economics revealed that the InGAME R&D project, led by Abertay, is set to contribute an estimated £84.7 million to the UK economy by 2032, with the potential to create 115 jobs in the Tay Cities Region alone.

École Intuit Lab: Pioneering Game Design Education in India

With campuses across India, École Intuit Lab is at the forefront of video game design education. The country’s gaming market is rapidly expanding, now boasting around 400 million active gamers, making it one of the fastest-growing markets globally.

A New Era for Game Art Students

Yan Garin of École Intuit Lab views the collaboration as a game-changer for Game Art students, offering them the chance to immerse in both Indian and UK educational environments. This partnership is set to nurture a new generation of gaming professionals, equipped with a broad cultural perspective and ready to bring innovation to the global gaming industry.

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