UK Broadband Traffic Soars in 2023

Plug in and out on internet switch
Plug in and out on internet switch

Annual Data Recap: A Significant Rise in Broadband Use

Recent data from a leading telecoms firm reveals a 9% surge in broadband traffic throughout the UK in 2023. The total data usage reached a staggering 94,722 Petabytes (PB), with one PB equating to a million Gigabytes. To put things into perspective, streaming a 4K-quality movie consumes around 7.2 Gigabytes per hour.

Month-by-Month Breakdown: Peaks and Troughs

The lowest broadband usage was recorded in June, with just under 7,300 PBs consumed. However, the numbers skyrocketed in December, hitting nearly 9,000 PBs. The surge in data usage can be attributed to various online events and releases, including Amazon Prime’s coverage of the Premier League and new gaming releases like Call of Duty.

Busiest Days and Times: Streaming and Gaming Dominate

Boxing Day emerged as the busiest day across the network, with 342 PBs of data consumed. Contributing factors included streaming movies and football matches, setting up new devices, and using broadband to connect with friends and family. The following two days also saw high usage, with 330 PBs and 319 PBs consumed respectively. Sundays were the busiest days throughout the year, with peak times typically between 8pm and 9pm.

Insights from Openreach: Gaming and Live Sports at the Heart of Data Usage

Trevor Linney, Director of Network Technology at Openreach, highlighted that the company’s data provides a comprehensive view of domestic usage. “The Openreach network is the largest in the UK, carrying broadband traffic for hundreds of companies, providing us with a complete picture,” he said. Linney also pointed out that online gaming and live sports coverage are major drivers of the increased data usage. “We’re seeing a pattern in these annual reports, with live sports and gaming at the heart of significant jumps in data usage,” he added.

Future Developments: Openreach’s Commitment to Connectivity

Openreach continues to invest in the UK’s broadband infrastructure. In December 2023, the company announced a £50 million investment to bring full fibre to an additional 167,000 homes across Scotland, demonstrating their commitment to enhancing the nation’s connectivity.

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