Ukraine minister thanks cyber firm for protecting web assets

Alistair Murray (Trustify)

A SENIOR Ukrainian politician has written to the founder of a UK cyber security firm to express gratitude and detail how vital its services have proven during the war with Russia. 

Scotland-headquartered Trustify has successfully encrypted all web domains linked to the Ukrainian government and 60 of its agencies’, minimising opportunities for sinister hacks and data breaches.

That protection has proven to be of critical importance as the number of attacks on Ukraine’s web assets has rocketed by more than 300% since the onset of the war, with the Russian Federation waging a brutal cyber offensive to further destabilise the country. 

Trustify founder Alistair Murray received the official letter from Ukraine’s First Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, Oleksii Vyskub outlining the role it has played. 

It stated: “Your generous support in providing SSL certificates for Ukrainian State domains is highly valued by us especially taking into account the ongoing full-scale war of the russian (sic) federation against Ukraine. 

“I truly believe that your support to Ukraine in protection of our Governmental websites and online citizen services from attacks is an important contribution to our future victory over russia (sic), the victory of people of good will over evil.

We have been dealing with Trustify since 2019 and greatly value your input and support in keeping Ukraine safe from data breach.”  

Over the last seven years Trustify has developed class-leading cyber security products and services that protects clients from online phishing scams, ransomware and data breaches

It works with major banks, enterprises and public sector bodies, with clients including Mastercard, Cognizant, Fujitsu and government departments in Scotland, UK and the Middle-east.

It is launching a suite of products in the coming weeks that will enable organisations of all sizes to access straightforward and top-level protection across their operations. 

Alistair said: “When we started working with the government in Kyiv we did not think war of this nature would be taking place right now. 

“When cyber security works, nothing happens and while we are delighted with the outcome, there is little by way of celebration or noise. 

“To get such a vocal recognition from a senior politician of a country at war is a big moment. It’s something that has really energised our teams of coders and technical experts, who are so often the unsung heroes. 

“For us to be playing a small part in the efforts to counter such a vicious, sustained attack and support Ukrainians at this time is a real privilege for us.” 

Trustify’s mantra is to secure everything. Always. It has developed the ideal suite of products to keep SMEs secure while also building a strong track record in delivering Cybersecurity for some of the world’s largest organisations. 

It is headquartered in Edinburgh, with access to teams in the UK, Europe and the US. 

For more information on Trustify please visit:

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