Value of refurbished GPU grows to more than £1 million for ETB Technologies

Nick Stapleton, Managing Director at ETB

NEW figures from refurbished technology specialist, ETB Technologies, show a significant increase in the value of GPU sales. Total value of GPU sales more than doubled year on year from 2022 to 2023 with last year finishing at more than £1.1 million (£1,146,816).

Driven by the proliferation of artificial intelligence technology, 2023 was a record year for ETB in terms of the sale of GPUs, as the trend toward AI use continues to drive a change in technology buying habits. With supply often struggling to keep up with demand, the price of GPUs has also fluctuated significantly in recent months, leading to a higher-than-average price.

Growth in global GPU sales look set to continue with recent Jon Peddie Research showing a year on year growth in sales of more than 30% in Q4 of 2023. And while artificial intelligence had been the source of much of the expansion, growth industries such as autonomous vehicles and visual effects have also had a significant impact.

Nick Stapleton, Managing Director, ETB Technologies, said: “The increase in demand for GPUs over the last 24 months has been unprecedented. In all my time working in the industry, I’ve never seen one new piece of technology drive an increase in sales in the way artificial intelligence has. It’s not a trend we expect to change anytime soon either as the appetite for AI among our customers continues to grow.

“At a time when many organisations are having to tighten their belts when it comes to technology spend, this trend has been positive for our business. For many of our customers it has also highlighted how important it is to take a strategic approach to tech buying and infrastructure planning.

“At a time when technology waste is at a record high and sustainability has never been a more important consideration, it is really encouraging to see so many businesses viewing refurbished GPUs as a viable option. This is a trend we hope and expect to see continue as businesses look to wring every last drop of value out of their investment in technology infrastructure.”

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