Vert Technologies Announces New CEO

Alan Duncan is the new CEO at Vert Technologies

UK-BASED compression technology pioneer Vert Technologies (Vert) welcomes the appointment of new CEO Alan Duncan, taking over from Dr Phil Harris.

Mr Duncan brings extensive SME and PLC experience gained from over 30 years involvement in the energy industry, principally in Engineering, Manufacturing & Service businesses. With the Vert team, he will be working to further develop Vert’s technical offering across multiple industrial compression applications.

“What really appealed to me about this new role was Vert’s pioneering work in the compressor space, which is a product of the intellect and enthusiasm of a committed team of people, and I’m looking forward to getting started,” said Mr Duncan. “Continued investment from committed private investors, alongside significant public grant funding, underlines the enormous potential of the company’s conical rotary compressor (CRC) technology. This disruptive technology positions Vert well as we seek to play our role in significantly improving sustainability across multiple industrial sectors that rely on compression, including the refrigeration and heat pump sectors, and I am thrilled to be part of these ongoing efforts.”

In contrast to traditional compressor technologies, the unique design of the Vert CRC can compress media such as refrigerants, gas and air at exceptionally high-pressure ratios and absolute ratios. Its ability to do so in a single stage with low noise and vibration has already appealed to refrigeration and heat pump equipment manufacturers looking to transition to harder-to-compress refrigerants with a lower global warming potential.

Dr Harris is stepping down following three successful years in charge of Vert. Under his stewardship, the Edinburgh-based company has transitioned from a young business focused on disruptive technology development to an established commercial entity, building its own place in the industrial compression landscape.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my tenure at Vert’s helm, working with a great team to build the company’s profile,” said Dr Harris. “As the saying goes, you should always leave things better than when you found them, and I believe this holds true with my time at Vert. I am pleased to pass the role onto Alan and will follow the company’s progress closely.”

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