Vitro Global launch revolutionary HR AI Assistant, Equip AI 

Michael Halling (CEO of Vitro Global)

Leading HR transformation consultancy, Vitro Global, has launched Equip AI, a revolutionary AI-based HR Assistant. Developed in partnership with Mindset AI, this groundbreaking tool marks a significant step forward in automating HR support and employee access to information. 

Since 2012, Vitro has cultivated a reputation for delivering tailor-made solutions that cater to the specific needs of their clients and Equip AI is positioned as a continuation of this approach. The tool is designed to help companies automate information access and processing, potentially improving employee self-service. 

“Equip AI is a game-changer in self-service and information automation,” remarked Michael Halling, CEO of Vitro Global. “It’s the 24/7 assistant that not only answers employee questions quickly but  transforms how company information is accessed and shared.” 

Powered by cutting-edge third-generation artificial intelligence, Equip AI goes beyond ask and answer. It understands natural language, and is able to engage in dynamic, organic conversations in over 100 languages. 

This intelligent assistant handles common queries about leave, benefits, and recruitment processes efficiently, while also identifying gaps and biases within an organisations information architecture. The tool integrates seamlessly with existing systems to minimize workflow disruption and can be customised to match a company’s specific needs and culture. 

“Equip AI takes HR automation to the next level,” enthused Halling. “It’s not just about providing fast answers; it’s about completing tasks, improving the employee experience, and unlocking valuable insights for data-driven decision making.” 

Vitro’s collaboration with Mindset AI underscores their commitment to innovation and people-focused problem solving. “We believe Equip AI will redefine how care, diligence, and passion contribute to success in HR,” says Halling. This partnership marks an exciting step in our shared journey towards transforming the future of work.” 

To learn more about this innovative solution and its potential for your organisation, visit Vitro Global’s website or book a demo today. 

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