YAHAHA supports Scotland’s thriving gaming sector as sponsor of the first-ever world-class Scottish Games Week

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PIONEERING UGC social entertainment platform, YAHAHA, has been announced as a gold sponsor for Scottish Games Week. Scotland’s very first week-long celebration of the country’s burgeoning video games sector, will take place this week, between the 24th and 28th of October. YAHAHA is supporting Scottish Games Week by sponsoring all events, and the Small Budget Game of the Year award in the inaugural Scottish Games Awards.

YAHAHA is a world-class no-code metaverse with headquarters in Finland but with a global footprint that spans South Korea and China. Launched in early alpha in April 2022, YAHAHA has taken the world by storm. YAHAHA is a social experience, bringing together creators in an immersive 3D virtual world. Establishing a pioneering no-code user-generated content metaverse, YAHAHA empowers developers at all levels to build, publish, host and operate multiplayer games, with tools that are as easy as drag and drop. YAHAHA hope to make this a long-lasting relationship with the event for years to come, as the Scottish games industry continues to grow and flourish as the country’s secret weapon in tech..

Scottish Games Week is the first world-class games event based in Scotland, created to highlight the amazing talent and potential of Scotland’s pioneering and diverse gaming ecosystem. From design, development and publishing, to education and application, the week will act as a catalyst to support a more connected and collaborative games sector across Scotland, the UK and internationally.

Pengfei Zhang, COO & Co-Founder of YAHAHA said: “We’re so happy to support the first Scottish Games Week. Scotland has a long history with games, and the titles crafted in the country are legendary and renowned all over the world. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining the talented studios and people who make the gaming industry so great in Scotland at Scottish Games Week.”

Brian Baglow, Founder of the Scottish Games Network and Director of Scottish Games Week said: “One of the most exciting and fascinating things about the games sector is that it never stops changing and evolving. New technologies open up new markets, bring in new players and even alter the perception of what a ‘game’ really is. From film to fitness, the tools, technologies and techniques from games underpin our digital and online future. 

A very big part of this is putting creative technology into the hands of users and enabling them to build, change and share their work with others. The team at YAHAHA are doing just that. They’re powering the next generation of creators, artists and developers, to bring their imagination to life and build their own vision of the future.

We could not be happier to have them on board as a sponsor and a partner for the first Scottish Games Week.”

Scottish Games Week will span the 24th – 28th of October, with events including:

More Than Games – 24th October (Barclays Campus, Glasgow)

Designed to onboard an audience unfamiliar with the games ecosystem, More Than Games will host an array of speakers to show the uninitiated just how important games are to Scotland’s tech industry. The event will be taking place at the brand new Barclay’s Campus in Glasgow.

Education Symposium – 25th October (CodeBase, Edinburgh)

A meeting of the minds in academia, the Education Symposium will bring together academics from across Scotland to discuss how important educational institutions are to shape the future generations of game development talent.

SGW Industry Conference – 27th – 28th October (Malmaison, Dundee)

Taking place at the Malmaison in Dundee over the course of two days, the Scottish Games Week Industry Conference will bring together a large host of those currently or previously involved in the industry, from all over the world. Panels, talks and networking will be the focus, bringing together the many game developers, engineers, storytellers and more that Scotland houses.

Scottish Games Awards – 27th October (Malmaison, Dundee)

Also occurring at the Malmaison in Dundee, the world-first Scottish Games Awards will truly showcase and reward those currently working in the games industry.

Scottish Games Week is being delivered by the Scottish Games Network and is supported by the Scottish Government’s Ecosystem Fund, delivered as part of its Scottish Technology Ecosystem Review (STER) programme. YAHAHA joins Johnston Carmichael as sponsors for this first time event. 

Learn more about Scottish Games Week by visiting https://gamesweek.scot/ and buy tickets today through industry leading Scottish ticket site, Citizen Ticket.

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