10 Strategies to recruit top tier talent


Recruiting outstanding talent requires a splash of creativity and a sprinkle of perseverance. Ok, maybe a whole dollop. While technology has made it simpler than ever before to reach a large audience with your job ad, it is more important than ever to ensure your ad stands out from the competition in order to attract suitable candidates and generate enthusiasm for the role and your firm.

In this blog we will discuss the various approaches to recruitment that can help you attract qualified job seekers, establish a lasting first impression of your organisation, and hire top applicants.

Hire a recruitment agency

One of the best ways to ensure your vacant position will be filled by a skilled professional is to hire recruitment agents to source and screen talent on your behalf. Recruiters have access to a vast pool of qualified candidates who would be suitable for your role, so it wont take long for them to start bringing new prospects your way.

Utilize social media

Social media is an excellent tool for recruiting. You may share job postings with your whole network through social recruitment, which fosters a two-way dialogue. Even if the people you connect with aren’t interested, they may know someone who is.You may also give potential candidates a look into your business culture by posting images and videos from corporate events or day-to-day office life.

Establish a referral programme for employees.

Great people are known for surrounding themselves with other accomplished experts. While many workers are likely already sharing vacant positions with eligible contacts in their networks, a well-designed employee referral programme can help to increase this practise. You can create excitement and further drive your workers to bring the finest individuals they know into your firm by encouraging referrals with incentives and contests.

Write enticing job descriptions

To attract suitable candidates, you must write an attention-grabbing and detailed job description.

Here are a few pointers to think about:

  • Be as descriptive as possible with your titles. The more precise your title, the more likely you are to pique the interest of the most qualified and interested job candidates.
  • Begin with a compelling overview. Provide a high-level summary that piques prospective searchers’ interest in the position and the firm.
  • Don’t forget to include the necessities. Include the position’s primary duties, hard and soft skills, day-to-day tasks, and how it fits within the organisation.
  • Keep your descriptions short and sweet. According to Indeed Data, job descriptions with 700 to 2,000 characters generate up to 30% more applications.

Use paid advertising to reach more people

Because Indeed receives hundreds of job postings every day, the visibility of job listings might dwindle with time. A sponsored job is the greatest approach to ensure that a job ad remains visible. These paid listings appear prominently at the top and bottom of any relevant search results pages, and unlike free2 job postings, their placement does not change over time, resulting in more high-quality candidates.

Seek job seekers by checking peoples online resumes

Indeed Resume is home to millions of resumes from job seekers in almost every sector and region. Employers may identify applicants fast by specifying a job title or expertise, as well as a geographic location. You may filter results by years of experience, education level, and other factors. You may also receive daily emails with links to fresh resumes that meet the criteria for the positions you’re trying to fill by setting up a Resume Alert.

Sift through previous prospects

When you hire for a position, there are usually a few good prospects that don’t make the cut due to time or other circumstances. Consider re-visiting the resumes of previous applicants while you’re searching for a comparable position. These individuals are already familiar with your organisation and may have acquired new skills and expertise since your last conversation.

Update your website, LinkedIn and company pages

Don’t just put out a statement or ad with your job listing and think great candidates will fall into your lap. Make sure your reputation online is stellar.

Conduct a sense check of your website, or have someone in your company look over the site and listen to their constructive feedback.

Review your LinkedIn page and posts to ensure you are accurately conveying the kind of inclusive culture that great candidates would look to work for and make sure that is also reflected in your company pages across social media and all job search platforms.

Network at industry events

While job fairs are useful for discovering quality applicants, non-recruiting events are also a great way to meet motivated industry experts looking to network and develop in their careers.

If you’re looking for a software engineer, for example, locate a local software development club, meetup, or association and attend a local meeting. Individuals who are passionate about what they do will stand out and they would make great additions to your company.

Involve various company departments in the process

Someone who already works in the same or comparable capacity might sometimes be the ideal person to interview a candidate. They should already know what it takes to be successful in this position and can assess whether candidates have the required skills. Current workers may also provide an accurate picture of day-to-day experiences and assist prospects in better understanding what to expect if recruited.

Start attracting great candidates You must be persistent and willing to think outside the box when it comes to locating and employing excellent employees. Finding highly skilled, motivated employees willing to join your team will surely be a breeze if you follow these recruitment tactics

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