Edinburgh crowned 6th capital for gaming in the UK


NEW research has revealed that Edinburgh is the sixth gaming capital of the UK. 

A study by online casino guide 6takarakuji analysed and ranked companies that develop video games, universities offering computer science and the average salaries of game developers in every major city of the UK to award each city an index score, revealing the country’s gaming capital. 

Edinburgh is the UK’s sixth gaming city, with 33 gaming companies measuring 16,788 people to one. There are five universities in the city offering computer science, namely the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University.  Game developers can expect an average salary of £44,882 yearly. 

The study reveals Manchester as the UK’s gaming capital, ranking first on the list. There are 46 gaming companies in the city, measuring one for every 12,000 people.  The University of Manchester ranks top among the seven universities offering computer science in the city. Game developers in the city rake in an average of £49,878 annually.  

Looking at the study, a spokesperson from 6takarakuji commented: “This study reveals that people looking for a career in the gaming industry are spoiled for choice with the opportunities across the country, more so in Edinburgh. The city offers a great combination of learning and work opportunities”

The study was conducted by 6TAKARAKUJI, an online casino guide offering its audience a gaming and entertainment experience. 


            Rank         City         Gaming Company to City Population          Computer Science University to City Population         Game Developer Annual Salary         Index score 
        1     Manchester     12,000      78,857      £49,878     10 
        2     London     6,268      251,423      £58,922     14 
        3     Liverpool     18,696      97,220      £49,047     17 
        4     Cardiff     10,354      181,200      £48,858     18 
        5     Bristol     11,522      236,200      £46,580     21 
        6     Edinburgh     16,788      110,800      £44,882     22 
        7     Newcastle upon Tyne     27,291     30,020     £43,083     23 
        7     Nottingham     12,450      107,900      £41,955     23 
        8     Coventry     15,013      115,100      £44,664      24 
        9     Leeds     50,750      162,400      £57,609      25 
        10     Sheffield     16,864     278,250     £45,186     30 

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