Red Hat launches free technical bootcamp for university students in UK and Ireland

Red Hat is launching a free technical bootcamp for UK students

SOFTWARE company Red Hat has launched a free technical bootcamp, designed for graduates in the UK and Ireland to build out their technical skill sets and gain a head-start on a career in IT and software development. 

The program will focus on teaching skills in Kubernetes and cloud-native development, around which UK companies are currently facing a talent gap. The latest BCS State of the Nation report found that UK tech vacancies in the third quarter of last year were up by 191% on the same period in 2020, with roles requiring knowledge of Kubernetes and cloud-native applications being some of the most in demand.

The Red Hat OpenShift Student Bootcamp will run from 25th July until 5th August and is primarily aimed at students across the UK and Ireland who have completed their formal education, but have yet to take up employment. First and second year students will also be considered as well as graduates in longer-term unemployment. All content and workshops will be delivered virtually, so spaces are unlimited and all students need to participate is a laptop with internet access. 

The course will consist of a two-week program of lectures, hands-on workshops and Q&As, which educate people in developer-centric skills on the Red Hat OpenShift platform. Students will be taken through all aspects of creating and running cloud-native applications on OpenShift. 

The course will begin with an introduction to containerised applications, how they run and how to create them. It will then progress to build and deployment automation, scaling, health management, role-based access control, DevOps and GitOps approaches. It will also look at innovative technologies including service mesh for communication resilience, serverless and function-based applications and Quarkus, for lightning fast and low resource consumption Java applications.

Joanna Hodgson, UK country leader at Red Hat, said: “Digital innovation is accelerating faster than the pipeline of employees available, and there is an opportunity for companies like ours to facilitate students’ transition from university to employment. Kubernetes and cloud-native skills are more valuable than ever as they become increasingly necessary for businesses on their digital transformation journey. The Red Hat OpenShift Student Bootcamp is a great opportunity for students across the country to gain access and hands-on experience of working with these technologies.”

“There is so much tech talent in the UK and Ireland, but students often struggle to make that transition into employment. Red Hat is committed to making the journey more seamless and helping plug the gap with the digital skills that will matter most in the years to come.”

Students interested in applying to the bootcamp can register here

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