Tech For Good Alliance and GoCodeGreen combine to decarbonise software

Alistair Forbes (CEO, Scottish Tech Army)

THE TECH for Good Alliance, the UK-wide skilled tech volunteering framework programme created by the Scottish Tech Army, has announced a strategic partnership with GoCodeGreen, the UK’s leading carbon diagnosis and decisioning platform for software and related technology,

By joining forces with GoCodeGreen, the Tech for Good Alliance takes a giant leap towards optimising the ecological footprint of the technology and software solutions delivered to not-for-profit organisations.

GoCodeGreen has developed the first and most complete carbon diagnosis and decisioning platform for software, enabling organisations to decarbonise their software and technology.

The unique carbon-neutral platform calculates the carbon footprint of any software, from legacy systems to websites and mobile apps, and offers actionable insights for businesses to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and look to achieving net zero as part of Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) commitments.

As a result, GoCodeGreen’s solution enables organisations to cut a third of their carbon emissions, on average.

Under the partnership, future projects undertaken within the Tech for Good Alliance will adopt the GoCodeGreen methodology and tools. This integration will empower Alliance member companies to evaluate and optimise the carbon impact of every solution delivered, ensuring the best possible environmental outcome for each initiative.

We are excited to collaborate with GoCodeGreen, a pioneering force in the sustainability arena,” said Alistair Forbes, CEO of the Scottish Tech Army.

“With our mission of driving social impact through technology, partnering with GoCodeGreen aligns perfectly with our vision to create a more sustainable future. This collaboration will enable our member companies to make informed decisions and deliver tech solutions that benefit not only the communities they serve but also our planet.

GoCodeGreen’s state-of-the-art carbon diagnosis and decisioning platform offers a comprehensive solution for calculating, reducing, and offsetting carbon emissions within software and technology projects. 

By adopting the GoCodeGreen tools, Tech for Good Alliance member companies can ensure that their work contributes positively to environmental goals while empowering not-for-profit organisations with cutting-edge tech solutions.

“We believe technology can be a powerful driver for positive change,” said Eric Zie, CEO of GoCodeGreen. “By partnering with the Tech for Good Alliance, we aim to amplify the impact of tech for good projects and contribute to building a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Our platform will enable the Alliance to measure, track, and optimise the carbon impact of their projects, further enhancing their commitment to making a difference.”

This partnership signifies a significant step forward in the realm of sustainable technology and sets an exemplary standard for the tech industry at large.

By combining the Tech for Good Alliance’s expertise in driving social change with GoCodeGreen’s cutting-edge sustainability tools, both organisations are poised to create a lasting and positive impact on society and the environment.

The Tech for Good Alliance serves as an end-to-end framework and support system, enabling tech companies to establish and develop impactful tech for good programmes as an integral part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ESG initiatives. 

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