Campervan expert develops stylish touch screen tech for van

The touch screen technology in use

A SCOTTISH campervan converter has created high-end technology which allows avid adventurers to control everything from lights to locks from a compact touch screen.

The technology is in its final stages of development and was created by engineers at the employee-owned Jerba Campervans. It will align with the interior look of the stylish VW Transporter van and have the ability to be updated as new software features are introduced.

To be gradually phased in during 2022, Jerba customers will initially benefit from the new product as an exclusive addition to their campervans.

Simon Poole, Jerba Campervans co-founder said: “We are continuously working behind the scenes at Jerba to better our products to improve them for customers. We believe this addition will make for huge improvement to our campervans, giving the customer full control of so many important features – literally at their fingertips.”

“The look of the on screen images design will also match that on the VW vehicle dash infotainment system in order to keep a clear and clean brand image across all the interior controls.”

The system was developed by Jerba engineers to connect fuses, lights and other vital controls to the touch screen panel, and has been designed to enable software updates and add new features over time.

Simon said: “We plan to add a range of features that will enable customers to have detailed data displayed on their screen that will enable them to closely monitor areas such as electrical usage and solar panel output over a chosen period of time – it will really help them to understand how they are using the appliances in their van and get the very best out of their trips away.”

The touch panel is linked to a built-for-purpose electrical control system based under the driver’s seat.

Having passed through the design and testing phases, Jerba Campervans will now send the touch screen and control system prototype for production. 

The team at Jerba have spent hours perfecting the slick screen and compact control system, which will be installed inside Jerba’s rental vans this year, with the aim of rolling the product out across all Jerba vans towards the end of 2022.

Simon added: “Our team at Jerba are all campervan fanatics so we imagined the benefits something like this could have to the day-to-day life of a campervan traveller. The incredible team quickly got to work, creating this excellent addition.”

“Jerba campervans are constantly evolving – our staff are completely committed to ensuring the Jerba customer always has the best possible experience.”

Simon Poole founded Jerba Campervans in 2006 alongside his wife Cath after deciding to turn his passion for building VW Transporter conversions into a bona fide business.

In 2018, Simon decided to make the move to employee ownership, giving Jerba Campervans’ employees ownership of the business, benefiting from a yearly, equal profit share, regardless of their position. 

Jerba Campervans specialise in converting Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 Models and is officially recognised by Volkswagen as a converter of the model. In 2015, Jerba Campervans gained a patent for their unique pop-up roof, which they add to all of their Volkswagen conversions.

To find out more about Jerba Campervans, visit

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