Duncan and Todd Group launches pioneering digital lenses  

The Digital Ray Path 2 acts as an ultra-HD lens, sharpening focus and eliminating blurring at the edges while driving

DUNCAN and Todd Group has launched a new range of bespoke spectacle lenses which use the very latest digital technology to create glasses for every lifestyle, including drivers, office workers, hikers and users of smartphones and tablets.

Designed to improve both vision and comfort for glasses wearers, the optical group is the first in Scotland to provide the Digital Ray Path 2 lenses across its whole product range.

Recognising the importance of bespoke prescriptions to protect the eyes as well as maximise clarity and focus, the new range was created for work and leisure use in response to consumer trends and modern lifestyles. 

Digital technology has been revolutionary for improving sight accuracy as optical manufacturers can map thousands of individual pinpoints around the lens, so the wearer benefits from an accurate prescription from all angles.

Julie Mosgrove, retail director at Duncan and Todd, said: “Everyone is different, so we have created a range of lenses that provide the best solution for different lifestyles, whether that’s hillwalking and enjoying panoramic views, watching a boxset on your tablet or driving long distances.”

“The Digital Ray Path 2 acts as an ultra-HD lens, sharpening focus, eliminating blurring at the edges and reducing the ‘swim effect’, while adopting a thinner and lighter design for a high-quality and stylish finish.”

“Our colleagues across all of our branches have undertaken training so they are able to provide you with expert help to find the right lenses which match your individual hobbies and way of life.”

While prescription strength is unique to the individual, Duncan and Todd is going the extra mile to raise awareness of the importance of specific lenses, such as glasses for driving or prolonged screen time. 

For those who drive for long periods, especially in darkness, this can increase the risk of night myopia, a condition where the eyes can struggle to focus in low light levels. 

Duncan and Todd offers a special driving lens with the advanced Digital Ray Path 2 technology to help incorporate a specific night vision zone, offering a greater experience for the driver and with less visual fatigue. 

Similarly, for those who spend the majority of their day on a laptop or staring at a screen, there are a number of suitable lenses which could be applied on top of their usual prescription.

Sore and tired eyes can be a symptom of prolonged screen usage so the anti-fatigue design has been designed to reduce eye strain while working on detailed, focused tasks.

The Digital Ray Path 2 lenses are being exclusively manufactured by Duncan and Todd’s own in-house laboratory, Caledonian Optical.

Mark Robertson, head of manufacturing at Caledonian Optical, said: “The new lenses are suitable for anyone who requires a prescription but primarily, it’s all about adding a tailored high-quality approach, increasing clarity and comfort for the wearer throughout their everyday life.”

“It’s not just driving and screen time either, there are lenses that provide extra-wide distance vision, which may suit those who spend an increasing time outdoors and want to fully appreciate panoramic and landscape views.” 

“The benefits are incredible. Previously people would have had to make unnecessary head movements to focus precisely but with the new Digital Ray Path 2 technology, the entire lens can accommodate the prescription. This means your eyes can change direction without the extra head movement.”

Mark added: “With excellent dynamic vision, easy transition between close objects and those further away, it’s a superior product and we’re incredibly proud to be the only optician in Scotland to offer it.” 

Caledonian Optical specialises in premium digital lenses, offering an extensive range of lenses to suit individual’s needs.

From single vision lenses to occupational and varifocals, there are many options to choose from. In addition to driving and screen usage lenses, there are lenses that help balance near and far distance and personalised bespoke lenses, calculated to personal parameters for high precision focus.

The lenses are available in all 44 Duncan and Todd Group branches across Scotland, including well-known brands 20 20 Opticians, JM MacDonald, Douglas Dickie Opticians, James Hughes and Browns Opticians.

For more information and to book an appointment with an optical specialist to find out which lenses are right for you, visit https://content.duncanandtoddgroup.com/en-gb/optimise-your-life?utm_source=online&utm_medium=pr&utm_campaign=optimise

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