Emergency Response Specialists Launch New Digital Software To Improve Industry Safety  

RestrataI ICM Launch I CEO Botan Osman

NEW digital software designed to ensure that all energy and industrial companies can manage any emergency they are faced with effectively has been launched this week by Restrata, the global technology company with deep history and expertise in emergency response and crisis management. 

The cloud-enabled SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, called Restrata Platform Incident & Crisis Manager, enables industrial organisations to go fully digital with their emergency response capabilities – instantly giving responders the information they need to make critical decisions. It collates incident and crisis management data into a single platform – synchronising critical information such as people impacted, Personnel on Board (PoB), helicopter and asset locations, tasks, team briefings, and media response and much more, into easy-to-use dashboards.  

Teams at the incident site are connected to those managing the incident onshore, and the crisis response team on one secure hub. The pandemic has further pushed the digital transformation agenda within the industry including how to respond from anywhere effectively. 

The emergency response software is a central product of Restrata Platform – the company’s overarching suite of safety, security, and resilience SaaS solutions. Restrata’s dedicated emergency response centre in Aberdeen is the leading outsource emergency response provider to the North Sea market and was the first to roll out Incident & Crisis Manager across its operations which has supported the North Sea and wider energy market for a decade. The solution will also be rolled out to more than 20 energy and industrial companies. The solution will be made available to the wider market from today. 

Botan Osman, Restrata’s CEO said: “We are excited to finally release Restrata Platform Incident & Crisis Manager to the world, further enhancing Restrata Platform as the resilience platform of choice for energy and industrial companies. When every second counts during an emergency, having the right information, at the right time, in front of the right people is critical. This latest addition to our sector-leading digital solution ensures that companies can stay at the forefront of emergency response and crisis management, taking them one step closer to achieving Connected Resilienceand further reducing fragmentation. 

“For over a decade our teams have managed the full spectrum of incidents and emergencies on behalf of our clients around the world and have seen first-hand to critical difference a clear flow of information and processes can make. They have been central to the design of the platform, having experienced users as a key part of every design & development stage makes this product extremely unique. We are grateful to be able to share it with the industry today.” 

While some energy and industrial firms have taken initial steps to digitise their emergency response approach, many continue to use a range of fragmented, disparate systems to manage the many distinct aspects of the incident – slowing response time, hindering crucial collaboration, and increasing the risk of human error, which is why a single source of truth was vital and much needed. 

Restrata has been supporting clients around the globe for more than 15 years. The company, which is headquartered in London with offices in Aberdeen and Dubai, works with clients in a range of industries including oil and gas, energy, engineering, mining, renewables, manufacturing & global corporations. It combined its SaaS platform with extensive experience of incident and crisis management to the energy industry to develop the new software product as an integrated part of Restrata Platform. 

Restrata’s mission is to digitise people safety and asset security to maximise operational resilience. It does this by connecting people, assets, and operations through a single platform hosted in the cloud which transforms workplace safety and security.  

Osman added: “Our founding principle was to overcome technological frontiers in order to enable improved security and safety outcomes. Since then, we have been protecting assets and managing incidents in some of the most challenging environments on earth. Today we continue this journey, and there is much more to come for Restrata Platform.” 


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