Labour – Tech/cyber security expert reacts – Al Lakhani (IDEE)


Al Lakhani, CEO of IDEE, said: “For all the election noise, cyber security was absent. In a way this is understandable; there are many other social and economic issues to focus on when trying to woo voters. But as the dust settles on this election and a new party comes to power, continuing to overlook cyber security would be a grave mistake.

“The electoral commission: hacked. NHS hospitals: hacked. Countless UK businesses: hacked. How many attacks are too many? With Labour coming into power for the first time in 14 years, a comprehensive strategy to strengthen the UK’s cyber defences is urgently needed. The EU is implementing the NIS2 directive, why does the UK lag in securing its digital infrastructure? It’s time for the government to wake up, smell the coffee and develop a plan to change this.

“But businesses must also act. It’s high time for a radical shift away from outdated security methods and 1st generation MFA. We need state-of-the-art, same device MFA 2.0 solutions to crush phishing and password-based attacks. No more delays – let’s safeguard the UK’s digital landscape for good.”

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