Two-thirds of UK seeking improved digital skills


TWO-thirds (67%) of the UK workforce are looking to improve their digital skills over the next two years, according to research from AWS and Gallup.

Nearly half of staff (49%) cited increased efficiency as the main reason behind levelling-up their digital skills, while increased salary, improved employability, increased career progression and improved job security were also major drivers.

The report, titled AWS Global Digital Skills Study, observed over 30,000 workers from 19 countries to assess the current digital skills landscape, and desire for skills training.

Commenting on the research, Sheila Flavell CBE, Chief Operating Officer for FDM Group, said: “It is hugely encouraging to see the UK workforce eager to upskill their digital skills and better their career opportunities. This willingness is an important factor in breaking down barriers into the tech industry, and the onus is on businesses to support staff in their development of crucial digital skills.”

“Businesses are constantly adopting and integrating new technologies to drive efficiencies, but staff require the requisite skills to best use these technologies to their advantage. Prioritising staff training should go hand in hand with technology adoption, and facilitating training courses and learning management is an important aspect. With the right emphasis, the UK can cultivate a highlight technical workforce armed with digital skills.”

The research, which included a survey of employers, found a number of obstacles for digital workers when applying for jobs with digital skills, including a disconnect in the value of industry certifications, and a self-imposed skills gap in technology job requirements when demanding a bachelor’s degree.

Workers who have recently acquired new digital skills saw an immediate impact, with 72 per cent noting a high job satisfaction as a result of their skill, while 72 per cent also expressed higher confidence in their job security.

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