Driffle selects Mangopay to level-up digital gaming product platform


Driffle, a digital goods marketplace specialising in gaming products, has announced a new partnership with Mangopay, a modular and flexible payment infrastructure provider, to transform the user experience.

Mangopay will provide a customised end-to-end payment flow, including pay-in, e-wallet management, seller payout, and KYC/KYB.

This will enable Driffle to offer a seamless, safe, and compliant experience for its users.

Mangopay’s e-wallet solution will allow buyers to store and re-spend money within the platform, improving user experience and unlocking additional potential revenue for Driffle.

Additionally, Driffle will leverage Mangopay’s AI-driven Fraud Prevention solution to safeguard against transactional fraud and promotion abuse.

With offices in London, Vilnius, and Delhi, Driffle connects buyers with merchants selling digital gaming products, including games, gift cards, and downloadable content.

Driffle has scaled rapidly and now has more than one million users in 190 countries.

Mangopay specialises in providing modular, embeddable payment and fintech infrastructure for leading platforms worldwide.

The company has processed over €100 billion in transactions and supports over 250 million users.

Mangopay’s award-winning payment solutions enable platforms to build customised payment systems, facilitating business growth, enhancing user experiences, and preventing fraud.

Driffle CEO and founder Chetan Bhardwaj said: “Mangopay’s solution supports our business model perfectly by meeting our complex pay-in and payout needs.

“With users in more than 190 countries and various KYC requirements, we needed a flexible partner.

“The Mangopay team has shown exceptional attention to detail, providing us with a solution that will increase retention and streamline our product pipeline.”

Alex Taylor, Head of Sales at Mangopay, said: “Driffle’s journey has been remarkable, and we are proud to support the next phase of their growth.

“Our technology improves the experience for buyers and sellers on the platform and is designed to increase conversion and retention, unlocking additional revenue for Driffle.

“With buyers and sellers worldwide preferring different payment methods, our tailored solution for Driffle exemplifies how Mangopay drives growth through customised technology and solutions.”

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