Revealed: Jacksepticeye beats PewDiePie in YouTube gamer rich list, earning €7.4 million

  • A new ranking has revealed which of the most popular gaming YouTubers made the most last year – with Jacksepticeye in the 10 top-earners
  • The average CPM advertisers pay for sponsored YouTube videos for popular channels stands at €7.32 per 1,000 views, based on the latest figures
  • With more than one billion views reported in the last year, the Leinster streamer made more than €7.4 million from his 2022 uploads
  • Despite being the most-subscribed gaming channel, PewDiePie sits tenth in the ranking, after earning €5 million – less than Jacksepticeye and MrBeast

A NEW ranking has revealed which popular gaming YouTubers have earnt the most last year based on views – with Jacksepticeye amongst the very highest-earners. 

The findings, pulled together by casino reviewer casinoalpha, compared the views gained for each channel since December last year and applied the going rate for sponsored content on YouTube,  to name the gamer that produced the most valuable content.

The calculations were based on the latest CPM (cost per thousand views) rates that advertisers currently pay for sponsored videos on YouTube – which, for the most popular channels, averages out at €7.32  or €0.0073 per view.

With an average of 40.6 million subscribers across the popular channels analyzed, it’s fair to say that each creator is popular within the gaming community,  and earning the higher CPM.

With 1,007,203,866 views reported since last December, according to socialblade, Jacksepticeye made a staggering €7,372,793 from his gaming channel – making him the seventh highest-earning gamer on the platform. 

Born in Cloghan, County Offaly, the 32-year old got his start a decade ago (December 2012), initially doing voice impressions before switching to game reviews and playthroughs.

His most profitable upload last year with 11 million views was ‘I’m in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2’, which equates to €80,520 in earnings from that one video alone.

His actual earnings would be considerably higher, as it doesn’t take into account any specific sponsorships he’s promoting in his videos (just the ads that show during on YouTube), any money he’s made from collabs, or any of his merch sales resulting from the platform. 

This is particularly impressive given he was competing against two of the most prolific gaming YouTubers – PewDiePie and MrBeast – whose main channels were locked in a battle to become the most-subscribed on YouTube last year.

MrBeast Gaming made slightly more than Jacksepticeye over the last year (€10.8 million), but PewDiePie earns considerably less than the two, at €5.04 million. 

It’s incredible to see Jacksepticeye now earning more for his gaming content than PewDiePie, as it was a mention of the Irish YouTuber in a video on PewDiePie’s channel that saw him go from 2,500 followers to 15,000 in just four days back in 2013.

10 highest-earning gaming YouTubers 

YouTuber2022 Views2022 Earnings
Techno Gamerz2,865,777,515€20,977,663
MrBeast Gaming1,470,346,976€10,763,028
Total Gaming819,626,187€5,999,713

With 7,064,973,812 views reported since last December, A4 made a staggering €51,716,032 from his gaming channel, making him last year’s highest earner.

The most-popular upload he released last year with 42 million views titled ‘RICH STUDENT vs BROKE STUDENT’ sees him collab with fellow YouTubers Glent and КОБЯКОВ, and is worth an impressive €307.4k based on views. 

The second-highest earner in the YouTube gaming rich list came out as Liverpool’s SSSniperWolf, who’s 4.874 billion views translated to €35.7 million last year.

Her content primarily sees her compile and react to TikTok videos, with her most-popular upload in 2022 getting 21 million views – equivalent to €154k in earnings.

Speaking on the findings, a casinoalpha spokesperson said: “Many people have predicted the earnings of the most popular YouTubers, but it’s interesting to see how this translates to each channel’s output – especially in the highly-competitive gaming sphere.

“It seems that Jacksepticeye has had an amazing year both in terms of main channel popularity and side-channel earnings – particularly when in competition with PewDiePie.

It just goes to show that anyone can make a killing online if they’re passionate about what they do and are consistent in their content, like Jack. To go from earning nothing to exceeding millions over the course of a decade is amazing.”

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