Miniclip acquires leading UK studio, Supersonic Software Ltd and its subsidiary Appynation Ltd

Rob Small Founder and President of Miniclip

MINICLIP, a world leader of market-defining mobile game titles, announced today the acquisition of leading UK studio, Supersonic Software Ltd and its subsidiary Appynation Ltd.

Founded in 1988 by Pete Williamson and Andy Williamson, Supersonic is the studio behind the highly successful Puzzle Page and Picture Cross, as well as enduring titles World’s Biggest Crossword and One Clue Crossword. The acquisition of Supersonic, their fourth UK studio, provides the perfect opportunity for Miniclip to move into the extremely popular puzzle genre, so taking another step in its quest to unleash the gamer in everyone.

Pete Williamson, CEO of Supersonic said “Having been independent for so long, joining a new partner is a very big deal for us. We’ve always admired Miniclip and having had the opportunity to get to know them over a period of several years we’re really confident we’ve found the perfect partner for us. We’re excited to start working with Miniclip properly, tapping into their expertise and resources to take our company to the next level.”

This sentiment was shared by Andy Williamson, who added “We’re looking forward immensely to becoming part of the Miniclip family. The expertise Miniclip can bring to our business will be invaluable – it will help us grow more quickly than we ever could as an independent studio. We’re confident Miniclip will respect our culture and indeed enhance it. It’s a very exciting step and one we’re very happy to take.”

Commenting on the deal, Rob Small Founder and President of Miniclip, said “We have followed the journey of Pete and Andy and the team at Supersonic with great interest and are delighted to both welcome them to Miniclip and to support their growth within the puzzle category. This genre is the natural companion to a number of others in which we operate and we see this as a great opportunity to widen our audience further. “

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