Minecraft most malware-infected game, with over 155,000 users affected


THE gaming industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate which, in turn, creates a large attack surface for cybercriminals to abuse. However, it turns out that fraudsters prefer to infect some games more than others. 

Knowing which games are most ridden with unwanted software allows users to stay on their toes when dealing with the game itself or with various mods, skins, etc.

The following data presented by Atlas VPN will uncover the most malware-infected PC and mobile games, which can steal the user’s sensitive data, like login credentials and access to bank accounts. Kaspersky provided the data for the analysis.

The figures reveal that Minecraft is by far the most favored game by hackers on desktop and mobile platforms.

As many as 131k PC users downloaded malware-infected Minecraft games between July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022.

Roblox (38,838), Need for Speed (32,314), Grand Theft Auto (31,752), and Call of Duty (30,401) also appeared on the list of most infected PC games. 

In total, 371,877 PC users encountered malware by downloading the ten games mentioned in the chart. 

Moving on to mobile statistics, close to 90% of malicious software targeting phones and tablets were delivered through the “pocket edition” of Minecraft. 

Card-details stealing malware

The analysis also revealed that the vast majority (76.87%) of malware found in the aforementioned video games distributes the Trojan-PSW/RedLine Stealer malware family. 

The ReadLine Stealer’s primary capability is stealing data from browsers, such as passwords, cookies, card details, autofill data, cryptocurrency wallet data, credentials for VPN services, and so on.

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