Secretary of State Chloe Smith roundtable with leading AI innovators


THE Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, Chloe Smith, hosted senior AI leaders at Downing Street yesterday for a roundtable on the opportunities and risks faced by the UK’s rapidly-evolving AI industry.

The Secretary of State began by thanking attendees for their work in the sector and support on the development of the recently published AI Regulation White Paper, and invited their views on how the UK can lead in tackling AI risks while promoting innovation and growth.

Discussion centred around three key themes:

  1. the risks and opportunities presented by AI technologies, and the guardrails required to ensure safe and responsible AI
  2. the aspects of AI where the UK should play a greater role, including global leadership in AI governance and regulation
  3. the non-regulatory measures which could help to support growth and innovation by AI companies in the UK.

Discussion points included greater access to open datasets, growing regional centres of excellence to connect SMEs with researchers, and helping SMEs to scale through greater access to capital and resources. The group also discussed the need to regulate in a proportionate way and protect innovation and with the challenges of the future in mind as the technology evolves at rapid speed.

The Secretary of State noted that, although the window of opportunity to act is narrow, the UK must strike a careful balance between setting regulation that effectively manages AI risks and encouraging innovation and growth. The Secretary of State also made clear the UK’s desire to take a leading role globally in the regulation of AI, and to collaborate closely with the sector in doing so.

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